Photographs from De long en large Ladakh by Jean Mansion - Édition Findakly. Copyright Lise Mansion

En Himalaya un week end sur le Toit du MondeROOF OF THE WORLD EXHIBITION IN CANNES:


The Museum of World Explorations (MEM) is organising activities for young people in the context of the exhibition Wonders of the Roof of the World. 


We are pleased to share the program of these activities with you.



Festival Jean RouchThe Jean Rouch International Festival

Invites you to the screening of the film

The Riyalists

at the Musée du Quai Branly-Jacques Chirac on Wednesday 10 May at 11am.

Description of the film:

The Riyalists

Kesang Tseten (Népal)

Népal l 2022 l 70 min l vostf

In 2009, four young Nepalese are recruited from their village to work in the Gulf. Over twelve years, the film follows their trajectory, shedding light on the massive phenomenon of Nepalese migration, which concerns almost half of the men under forty.

Open to the general public and free of charge, the Festival (4-11 May 2023) programmes documentary films from the four continents that question the state of the world today. Debates and workshops encourage dialogue between the public, filmmakers and researchers around the creation.

See the website: Festival international Jean Rouch.

Nathalie Lamoureux ARCH Raute© Nathalie Lamoureux ARCH RauteARCH/WORLD ROOF PARTY MARCH 2023

For our next conference evening, by Zoom, we will receive

Nathalie Lamoureux

Senior reporter (environment, society, science) at Le Point magazine

On the theme of :


People of the forests, in the middle of villages and bazaars

Economic transformations of the nomadic Raute people of Nepal, linked to the decline of the wood trade, the increase in the cost of living, and at the same time with the important monetary contribution, linked to the state, NGOs and tourism.

The event will be held by Zoom on Thursday 16 March 2023 at 18:00.

Zoom connection : here - Meeting ID : 821 0497 7382 - Secret code : 260622.



at the Entrepôt cinema at lunchtime, followed by a cine-concert at the end of the afternoon in the Inalco building where we will welcome you at 4pm for a medicinal tea before the screening.

You will find here the poster and the press release of these two events, to which we hope to see many of you.

The part taking place at Inalco was also announced on the University's website: See the announcement on the website

Affiche Confluences TibetainesTIBETAN CONFLUENCES

The Tibetan Students' Association of INALCO

presents their 2023 cultural day


Friday 17 March 2023 - 11:30 to 21:15

Inalco - Languages and Civilizations Pole

65 rue des Grands Moulins -75013 Paris 

logo du metro 14, station : Bibliothèque François Mitterrand

Free entry, no registration required


The next ARCH/Toit du Monde evening will take place with Clément Jacquemond (ATER-EPHE) who will speak on the theme:

From shamanism to shamanisms?
Perspectives on religious dynamics in the Russian Altai

This presentation provides an overview of religious practices in the Russian Altai. This region of southern Siberia, best known for the shamanism of its natives, is also historically a crossroads of cultural exchange and the meeting point of many religious currents, which has earned it the nickname "Palestine of Asia". How did the systems of representations and practices interact over time, and how did these interactions shape the pre- and post-Soviet indigenous religion? The presentation will review the different historical processes of the Altai religious and will question its contemporary socio-political dimensions.

This evening will take place on Thursday 23 February 2023 at 6pm by ZOOM:

Meeting ID: 838 9840 9730 - Password: 343479 C

Mireille Helffer Mireille Helffer, Kathmandu, 2009. Photo : Marie Lecomte-Tilouine.OBITUARY OF MIREILLE HELFFER

Transfer of information from the sfemt website.

An obituary dedicated to Mireille Helffer was written by Isabelle Henrion-Dourcy and Katia Buffetrille, who had edited in 2017 a book of homage to this eminent tibetologist, Musique et épopée en Haute-Asie. Mélanges offerts à Mireille Helffer à l'occasion de son 90e anniversaire (L'Asiathèque).

This text entitled "Mireille Helffer : Une vie consacrée à l'étude de la musique et du rituel" (Mireille Helffer : A life devoted to the study of music and ritual) appears today on the SFEMT website:



Visualising marginality: contemporary art in Tibet and Tibetan artists
by Liu Chang, PhD student EPHE/CRCAO

will take place on Tuesday 21 February 2023, at 6pm, in the auditorium of the Cernuschi Museum.

Modern and contemporary art in Tibet never seems to have any connection with the art movement in the rest of the world; it rarely even participates in contemporary art activities in mainland China and remains very little known. According to the Tibetan-Chinese artist Gade (2003), it is like a strange creature, which has grown and developed without visible preparation, and which suddenly emerges as a mixture of disco neon lights, butter lamps from the Jokhang Temple and the Potala Palace, with plastic coconut leaves at its feet. This presentation attempts to show what contemporary Tibetan art can be in its social context: how Tibetan artists engage in the (de)construction of identity (local/globalized, authentic/imagined and individual/collective); what role they play at the crossroads between tradition and modernity, in the political scenario and the vagaries of the market.