Photographs from De long en large Ladakh by Jean Mansion - Édition Findakly. Copyright Lise Mansion


 The magazine Beaux Arts Éditions has devoted a special issue to Cannes - Opening to the world.
An article is devoted to the MEM - Musée des Explorations du Monde (ex de la Castre) and to the donation made by François Pannier.
This donation will be the subject of an exhibition in December 2022
accompanied by a catalogue. don1 don2


For the September reopening we are organizing a tribute exhibition to

François Boulanger et Françoise Bouhière

around their collection of

sarangis Santal et himalayens

accompanied by various other musical instruments and panels of Santal palanquins.

A catalog is published on this occasion.

The opening will take place on September 1st at 6 pm.

Musical evenings, film and photo screenings will accompany this exhibition.

Hoping you will always be faithful to our events.


The Musée des Confluences in Lyon presents a MAGIC exhibition until March 5th 2023.

It was initially presented in Toulouse.

Enhanced by a magnificent scenography, the exhibits are very varied and give a fascinating vision of a vast subject.

A showcase is dedicated to Himalayan shamanism. It is largely made up of pieces from the François Pannier donation and animated by extracts from videos by Adrien Viel and Aurore Laurent, including the film 3 CHAMANS.

Two other exhibitions are also worth visiting: On the Trail of the Sioux and The Rare Bird. 2 3 4


For our 67th evening, we will be pleased to welcome.

Françoise Pommaret who will present her research on the

Bhutanese Shamanism

Thursday 23 June 2022 at 18:00 Paris

In collaboration with Stéphanie Guyer-Stevens, she published a book

The Divine Messengers

The untold story of the women shamans of Bhutan.

You will be able to connect via Zoom : here - Meeting ID: 830 9666 9856 - Secret code: 689540

We hope that you will continue to attend these evenings.


A concert and a conversation with the writer Jacques Attali

Le 16 juin 2022 de 19 h à 21 h
En la Cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Genève

Program in PDF format

For reservations:

All proceeds and donations will be donated to Switzerland for UNHCR.

We hope that you will continue to attend our partner evenings.

Conference Anne VergatiJUNE 2022 ARCH / ROOF OF THE WORLD EVENING

For this 66th meeting, which will take place on Thursday, June 2, 2022

at 6 p.m., at 6 rue Visconti, we will be happy to welcome

CNRS Honorary Research Director
Newware culture specialist in the Kathmandu Valley.

The theme will be:

Marriage of Newar girls to a god Nepal

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The particularity of Newar society in the Kathmandu Valley is the coexistence of Buddhism and Hinduism for centuries. At the level of the religion of the individual, the Newars define themselves either as Hindus or as Buddhists and employ either a Buddhist priest (vajracarya) or a Brahman.

In Newar society, rites of passage provide social and ethnic identity. Two rites are specific for the Newars of the Kathmandu valley: the marriage of young girls before puberty (ihi) with a God either Vairocana for Buddhists or Vishnu Narayana for Shivaite Hindus. The second ritual is that celebrated by a person as well a man as a woman who reaches the age of seventy-seven years, seven months and seven days, a ritual called bhura jyanko or bhima ratha which ensures the passage of a person from the world of men in the world of the gods.

The evening will be devoted to the description of the wedding ritual (ihi) celebrated by Buddhists in Thimi, a locality located in the east of the valley. The ceremony lasts two days, the morning of the first day is devoted to the installation of the mandala of Vajradhatu and the invitation of the gods who must attend the ceremony. The second part of the first day is marked by taking the measurement of the girl's body with a yellow cord. The marriage with the ritual of the gift of the daughter and the walk around the fire will take place on the second day in the presence of the priest. Only the priest knows the text in Newari and Sanskrit which will be used during the celebration of the ritual. Apart from the priest two other categories, painters and potters play an important role in the unfolding of the ritual. This ritual marriage with a god, before puberty, is followed by a marriage with a human husband, at the age of fifteen.

Hoping you always faithful to these evenings.


For our 65th evening, we will be happy to welcome

Keeryang PARK

for a communication entitled

Korean shamanism and the Jeseok dance

Keeryang PARK is the heir to a 250 year old shamanic tradition. In particular, she is the daughter of Byungchun PARK who is the specialist of the family ritual of bowl lids to console the souls of the dead and wish prosperity to the living or "Bokgaechum". This is a part of the shamanic ritual for the purification of the soul "Ssitgim gut" which is the Korean cultural heritage No. 72.

Keeryang PARK is a representative of the "Korea Shaman Dance Research Association" and a member of the "Korean National Dance Company". She frequently performs shamanic dances in Korea and has recently hosted four events in Paris around "Ssitgim gut".

Keeryang PARK is also, in line with her master's degree (A Study on the Relationship Between Korean Creation Myth and Jindo Ssitgim gut Bokgaechum) and her doctorate of arts (A Comparative Study on Jeseokchum in Donghae-an Byeolsingut and Jindo Ssitgim gut), a recognized researcher on Korean shamanism, and it is mainly in this capacity that she is proposing the present conference.

The conference

Keeryang PARK's lecture will provide answers to the following points:

1 - To have an overview of Korean shamanism,

2 - Knowing its components,

3 - Understand the sequences,

4 - To perceive the meaning of gut Jeseok as an element of Korean shamanism,

5 - Appreciate the value of Jeseok dance.

This evening will take place on

Thursday, April 28 at 06:00 PM Paris

Keeryang PARK will speak from Korea, in Korean. A French translation will be done simultaneously.

This evening will be organized in collaboration with Mr. Denis MEINGAN.

The subject being new compared to our usual center of interest it is perhaps not useless to indicate you some selected publications, by Clémence of the bookshop the Phoenix on the Korean shamanism:

In French:

"The shaman with the fan, a life story of a Korean mudang", Imago, 2015

"Sharing Happiness, Unraveling Resentment, Story of the Shaman with Ten Thousand Spirits" by Kim Kum-hwa, Imago, 2015

Cahier d'Extrême Asie, number 6, EFEO, 1991–1992

"Island of the Shamans" by Jay Kim, Matin calme, 2021

"La Chamane" by DONG-RI K., Maisonneuve & Larose, 2001.

En anglais :

"Shamans, Nostalgias, and the IMF: South Korean Popular Religion in Motion" de Kendall, Laurel

"Religion in Korea: Harmony and Coexistence" de Koehler, Robert

"Folk Art and Magic: Shamanism in Korea" de Alan Carter Covell

"Mu-Ga : The Ritual Songs of the Korean Mudangs".

You will have the opportunity to participate in the meeting by logging on to Zoom

Meeting ID: 850 1920 8352 Secret code: 844433


Our next party, the 64ᵉ, will be held on Thursday, March 17 at 06:00 PM Paris

It will be dedicated to Charlotte Cruz and Chilly Charly de "La Goutte Créative".

Who have published a charming book of Tibetan fables.

Trésors de Sagesse

Collected by Dr. Chok, which they have translated and illustrated.

They will tell us about the genesis of this project.

They also work with the MEM - Musée des Explorations du Monde (ex de la Castre) in Cannes to illustrate certain exhibitions.

As in previous years, you will be able to participate in the meeting by logging on to Zoom: Connection

Meeting ID:  968 0533 3293 - Secret code: 595748