Photographs from De long en large Ladakh by Jean Mansion - Édition Findakly. Copyright Lise Mansion

Since its inception in 1984, some of the Toit du Monde gallery's thematic exhibitions have been accompanied by the publication of newsletters called the LETTRES DU TOIT DU MONDE. Some of these have been especially noteworthy. Issue number 6 of December 1998 Sur le Dieu-Masque dans les Dionysies et Indra Jatra (On the God Mask in the Dionysia and Indra Jatra) was published in English by Professor Pratapaditya Pal, director of the Asian department at the Los Angeles County Museum in his Indian magazine MARG in June 2001 as well as in issue number 1 of KAOS - Parcours des Mondes. The initial concept has evolved. The LETTRES now deal with various aspects of the Himalayan cultures and a number of eminent researchers have collaborated with us to produce them. Going forward, the Association for the Promotion and Preservation of Himalayan Cultures (ARCH) will take over responsibility for the production of the publication although its name will remain unchanged. We hope that the LETTRES will draw as much attention as possible to Himalayan cultures and attract the participation of collectors, specialized and independent researchers and scholars, as well as the interest of the merely curious. Given the great complexity of the subject, a multi-disciplinary approach seems indispensable to us to save what can be saved of this world that is undergoing such profound transformation.

Anyone with a desire to collaborate in this effort is welcome, and so are any proposals for topics to consider. Proposals of this kind should be communicated and submitted to our committee for review.