Photographs from De long en large Ladakh by Jean Mansion - Édition Findakly. Copyright Lise Mansion


Nwagi ChepangFrench film, Directed by Véra Frossard


Filmed in Nepal, this documentary investigates the myths, legends and testimonies of the Sherpas about the yeti. There is a file in the Museum of Natural History in Paris on which is written "unknown species". This file contains a single hair that arrived from Nepal several decades ago. It is a yeti hair! So the question arises: did the yeti really exist or is it just a legend? "Like Karen Blixen, I could say: I once had a house in Nepal. It turns out that I still have it, and having lived in this country for years, I have been able to take a close interest in this mystery. I take you to one of the most fabulous sceneries of our planet, the Himalayas, to search with me for traces, stories and sometimes testimonies about this mythical animal. It is a whole spiritual universe that opens up to the imagination of the Sherpas. The frontier between the real and the unreal becomes tangible... "

  • Titel : La Mémoire du yéti
  • Format : DVD PAL
  • Realization : VERA FROSSARD | 2007 | 0:52 mns
  • Publisher : L'harmattan
  • EAN: 9782296030664