Photographs from De long en large Ladakh by Jean Mansion - Édition Findakly. Copyright Lise Mansion

Titel : [Naïve livres] Chapitre 2 : L’expérience tamang
locality : Kavre, NEPAL
Production : Adrien Viel, Aurore Laurent - France | 2014 | 4 minutes | HDV
PRODUCTION / DISSEMINATION : Hong Kong Connection / Naïve Livre

[Naïve livres] Chapter 2: The Tamang Experience Screenshot at mai 22 16 04 07 600x400

During the last stage of Gewa, the funeral ceremony Tamang, which according to the principles of Bardo Thödol, "the book of the Tibetan dead", accompanies the soul of the deceased in his tumultuous and disturbing process of metempsychosis.

The women, having cried all over their bodies, lit the candles to guide the soul, make the last offerings to increase the merit of the deceased and assure him a better rebirth. Covered with a white cloth attached to the effigy of the dead in which his goods are placed, they seem to be visited by the spirit of the old. Later the effigy will be burned and the soul will be reborn immediately, or better still, it will find the eternal rest.