Photographs from De long en large Ladakh by Jean Mansion - Édition Findakly. Copyright Lise Mansion

Titel : Healing in the land of the gods VERA
Production : Véra Frossard - France | 2013 | 52 minutes
Body (s) Regulator (s) or Custodian (s) : Véra Frossard, ADAV, L' Harmattan TV

Screenshot at mai 22 13 01 37 600x400Healing in the land of the gods VERA

Lhamo, Kumar and Jamuna are three healers in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. Each in their own way, they rely on an element of the universe to heal the sick. Jamuna sprinkles his patients with blessed water, Kumar purifies them with his breath, and Lhamo sucks the evil violently, and burns it with fire. In France, Dr. Jean-Louis Crouan works in an emergency service in which experimental "firefighters" healers are experimentally involved. All of these practices have convincing results. Taking as an example the methods of care practiced by the Nepalese healers, this film raises the question of the fundamental differences between their medicine and that of the Westerners. Is quantum physics, which allows the human body to be otherwise explored, one day to reconcile these two approaches to the disease that everything seems to oppose?