Photographs from De long en large Ladakh by Jean Mansion - Édition Findakly. Copyright Lise Mansion

AFFICHE PROF NEPALAIS REF 3745Invitation of a Nepalese teacher

Professor Dambar Chemjong, Head of the Department of Anthropology at Tribhuvan University of Nepal and Adrien Viel, filmmaker and PhD student in anthropology,

will speak on 25 April 2022 at the University of Lille, from 2 to 6 p.m., in the boardroom (building SH2—Campus Cité Scientifique) on the following topics

1—"Sociologie, économie et anthropologie politique au Népal : “Identity Politics in Nepal: State Policies versus Indigenous People's Identity Movements: Alcohol and Identity: Interrogating the State-imposed matwali Identity of Indigenous Peoples in Nepal. Politics of Naming Places and Provinces in Nepal. Cow and the Hindu Constitution of Nepal”.

2—Presentation of Adrien Viel's research work: Shamanism of the Chepang of Nepal, ancient hunter-gatherer populations of Nepal ; economy and relationship with the environment ; shamanic practices ; conversions.